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Interview Exclusive: From Dancing Queen to Camp TAZO: Alyssa Edwards is living, and she’ll show you how too

Alyssa Edwards has had a lot of recent success with season 1 of her show Dancing Queen premiering on Netflix earlier this month. The show follows Alyssa’s dance studio Beyond Belief as the kids she teaches compete across the country. The series also focuses on aspects of her personal life and shows the drama and struggles that come along with being a drag queen and successful choreographer and dance teacher.

INTERVIEW: Dave Dwonch on transforming Bryan Fuller’s TV characters into the MIND PALACE comic

Dave Dwonch is a comic book creator and writer who has recently gotten the attention of fans of Bryan Fuller’s work as his newest comic, Mind Palace, features characters from many of Bryan Fuller’s TV shows such as Hannibal, Pushing Daisies, and more. He was promoting this work and others at NYCC this year, and I was able to chat with him a bit about his history creating comics as well as Mind Palace.

NYCC ’18: These Amazing Artists Celebrate Queerness and You Should Check Them Out

When it comes to conventions, large and small, my favorite part is almost always artist alley. While sometimes I come to cons for a guest or for an important panel, most of the time, the place I spend the most time is with the art. There are always so many talented artists, and this is one of the only times and places as a fan where you have so much fan art in front of you to buy. ng

NYCC ’18: Image Comics – We Believe in Vision

The Image Comics: We Believe in Vision panel was full of creators, both writers and artists, talking about their previous and upcoming comics. Jason Aaron (Southern Bastards, The Goddamned)  Gerry Duggan (Dead Rabbit, Analog)  Jen Bartel (Blackbird)  Kieron Gillen (The Wicked + The Divine, Die)  Stephanie Hans (The Wicked + The Divine, Die)  Joe Casey (MCMLXXV, Jesus Freak)  Daniel Warren Johnson (Space Mullet, Murder Falcon)  Jeff Rougvie (Gunning for Hits: Music Thriller) The p

American Horror Story: Apocalypse review: The Coven connection

This episode of American Horror Story: Apocalypse begins with Langdon talking to many of the residents about their dark sides, and we learn that Langdon and Dinah Stevens, played by Adina Porter, know each other already. She tells him that “she isn’t powerful enough to stop whatever it is you’re up to.” Is she a witch? We also learn that Mallory is more important to this story than we realized before. When Langdon tells her he is going to save her, she tries to get away from him, revealing magi

3 reasons why Shuri deserves her own TV mini-series

As Disney prepares to launch its own streaming service, we learned this week that they have plans to create a few limited series centered on favorite characters from the MCU. It has been reported that Disney is in early developments for series centered around characters such as Loki and Scarlet Witch. Fans are obviously thrilled about this idea, and this news has Marvel fans speculating about which other characters could get their own show.

Christine Toy Johnson talks Iron Fist, life in NYC, and why representation matters

In this exclusive interview, I got the chance to talk to Christon Toy Johnson. Season 2 of Iron Fist will be released on Netflix on September 7th, with Christine Toy Johnson making her debut in the Marvel Universe as Sherry Yang, the wife to the head of the triad. I had the amazing opportunity to talk to her about the role along with many other upcoming projects she’s set for. She also shared thoughts about the importance of inclusion in media and the need to tell diverse stories.

Shuri from Black Panther is getting her own comic book series

While the fate of Shuri in the MCU is still unclear, everyone’s favorite Wakandan genius is going strong in the Marvel comics. In an exclusive release, Bustle announced that Shuri is going to be getting a comic book series of her own. The popularity of the character in the MCU and her likable portrayal by Letitia Wright makes this decision an exciting one for many fans. The series will begin this October.

10 Queer Poets of Color You Should Know About

Finding a new poet whose words ignite and inspire your own writing is a joy we as poets share. There are many contemporary poets out there who are creating influential, beautiful work. LGBT+ poets are breaking boundaries and pushing language to new levels. This will be the first in a series of blog posts meant to highlight and recognize queer poets and their work. If you are looking for a resource to find contemporary queer writers and see what is going on in the world of poetry.

7 Poetry Prompts to Help You Out of a Writing Slump

We all have those days, or maybe if we are being honest weeks or even months, where we just can’t seem to find inspiration to write. While it can be easy to get into a writing slump, it is a lot harder to pull yourself out of one. Waiting for the muse to strike can be infuriating and disappointing, so sometimes we all have to seek out a little push in the right direction to get those creative juices flowing.

Wonder Woman of the Week: Anne Hathaway raises awareness for Nia Wilson’s murder

NEW YORK, NY - MARCH 28: Actress Anne Hathaway attends the "Colossal" premiere at AMC Lincoln Square Theater on March 28, 2017 in New York City. (Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images) Riverdale’s Skeet Ulrich and Mädchen Amick on what’s next for FP and Alice by Cheryl Wassenaar The subject of this week’s Wonder Woman of the Week is heavy, but it is an important issue that needs to be talked about. Nia Wilson was murdered at a train station in Oakland, California when a man stabbed her and her si
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