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10 Tourist Traps To Avoid In New York City

If you’ve never been to New York City before, you’re probably excited about planning your trip and hitting up all the iconic spots. There is so much to do in NYC that it can be hard to know where to start. No matter what kind of thing you're into whether it’s nightlife, food, museums, or parks, this city has you covered. However, there are a lot of touristy spots that aren’t really worth visiting. Some of the most talked about areas for tourists are actually pretty overrated.

Queer Coding Bucky Barnes: Why the MCU Should Put Up

It’s no secret to fans of the MCU, especially those involved in fandom, that Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes is one of the most popular fan ships of recent years. In fact, a recent survey about shipping with over 17,000 participants has “Stucky” listed as the most popular current ship of any fandom. Of course, shipping is a separate entity outside of canon, and whether or not there is textual evidence in canon for a fan pairing is somewhat irrelevant to popularity.

10 Rom-Coms That Are Actually Toxic

Rom-coms are a genre that many people love and many people love to hate or hate to love. While hating romantic comedies as a genre can be rooted in sexism, there are definitely some problems with the tropes in these films. While it’s alright to like problematic things, as we all do, there are definitely a lot of popular romantic comedy films that were pretty toxic when it comes down to it. Many of these films sent disturbing messages about gender roles, sexual assault, and other issues.

8 Best Roles Mads Mikkelsen Has Taken On (Besides Hannibal)

While Mads Mikkelsen is best known for playing Hannibal Lecter on NBC’s Hannibal, he has also been in a variety of other roles over the years. Mikkelsen brought Thomas Harris’ character to the screen in a powerful way that rivaled Anthony Hopkins performance, which is no small feat. Mikkelsen clearly has some serious acting skills and is masterful in creating a nuanced performance just with the slightest changes of expression.

Avengers: Endgame: 8 Things The Trailers Hinted About Captain America

Now that there are two trailers for Avengers: Endgame, fans are looking at every little detail they can to make theories about what will happen to their favorite characters. While neither trailer has given away much, Captain America has been the focus of both of them. This has many fans speculating about the fate of Steve Rogers and what Avengers: Endgame will hold for him. While we won’t know the ending for sure until the film is released, we’ve collected a list of clues that are hinted at Capt

10 Times The Potterverse Movies Strayed From Canon

Harry Potter is a beloved franchise that many millennials grew up with. As with most franchises, a lot of scenes and moments that happened in the books didn't make it onto the big screen. The Harry Potter series is large, and many of the books are over 400 pages long, so it's no wonder many things had to be cut when the Harry Potter movies were created. Whether you're only a book fan, only a movie fan, or a fan of all things Harry Potter, it's always interesting to see which important scenes, ch

Why We Still Need More Diversity In Our Superheroes

When superhero movies first started becoming popular, the leads were nearly all straight white men. As time has passed, we have started to see more diversity. Most notably is Black Panther which featured a black male lead as well as numerous black supporting cast. Black Panther has definitely become a cultural phenomenon and socially significant. The popularity and importance of that film is a good case for why diversity in these types of films is important. he

Interview Exclusive: From Dancing Queen to Camp TAZO: Alyssa Edwards is living, and she’ll show you how too

Alyssa Edwards has had a lot of recent success with season 1 of her show Dancing Queen premiering on Netflix earlier this month. The show follows Alyssa’s dance studio Beyond Belief as the kids she teaches compete across the country. The series also focuses on aspects of her personal life and shows the drama and struggles that come along with being a drag queen and successful choreographer and dance teacher.

INTERVIEW: Dave Dwonch on transforming Bryan Fuller’s TV characters into the MIND PALACE comic

Dave Dwonch is a comic book creator and writer who has recently gotten the attention of fans of Bryan Fuller’s work as his newest comic, Mind Palace, features characters from many of Bryan Fuller’s TV shows such as Hannibal, Pushing Daisies, and more. He was promoting this work and others at NYCC this year, and I was able to chat with him a bit about his history creating comics as well as Mind Palace.

NYCC ’18: These Amazing Artists Celebrate Queerness and You Should Check Them Out

When it comes to conventions, large and small, my favorite part is almost always artist alley. While sometimes I come to cons for a guest or for an important panel, most of the time, the place I spend the most time is with the art. There are always so many talented artists, and this is one of the only times and places as a fan where you have so much fan art in front of you to buy. ng

NYCC ’18: Image Comics – We Believe in Vision

The Image Comics: We Believe in Vision panel was full of creators, both writers and artists, talking about their previous and upcoming comics. Jason Aaron (Southern Bastards, The Goddamned)  Gerry Duggan (Dead Rabbit, Analog)  Jen Bartel (Blackbird)  Kieron Gillen (The Wicked + The Divine, Die)  Stephanie Hans (The Wicked + The Divine, Die)  Joe Casey (MCMLXXV, Jesus Freak)  Daniel Warren Johnson (Space Mullet, Murder Falcon)  Jeff Rougvie (Gunning for Hits: Music Thriller) The p

American Horror Story: Apocalypse review: The Coven connection

This episode of American Horror Story: Apocalypse begins with Langdon talking to many of the residents about their dark sides, and we learn that Langdon and Dinah Stevens, played by Adina Porter, know each other already. She tells him that “she isn’t powerful enough to stop whatever it is you’re up to.” Is she a witch? We also learn that Mallory is more important to this story than we realized before. When Langdon tells her he is going to save her, she tries to get away from him, revealing magi

3 reasons why Shuri deserves her own TV mini-series

As Disney prepares to launch its own streaming service, we learned this week that they have plans to create a few limited series centered on favorite characters from the MCU. It has been reported that Disney is in early developments for series centered around characters such as Loki and Scarlet Witch. Fans are obviously thrilled about this idea, and this news has Marvel fans speculating about which other characters could get their own show.
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